Monday, September 2, 2013

The Twists and Turns of Metal

I gain inspiration from the things that titillate the “Lizard Brain” – the reactionary instinct of the predator that focuses on the minutia of texture and movement.  From scales and spines to spores and spiracles, the natural world of the deserts, the oceans and the wilds of the forest are all enchanting and exciting.
This piece, titled “Vernacular Venom,” was inspired by the imagery of a carnivorous plant with a stinger as a commentary on the emotionally damaging aspects of someone who swallows up words shared in confidence, only to use them later as toxic weapons. The piece itself is intended to be a drinking vessel, with the hook being lowered as the handle.
Vernacular Venom
Biography: Angela Moore is an artist working and living in San Diego, California. Originally from the Southwest, Angela studied art at New Mexico State University, and then continued her education in California at San Diego State University.  Angela’s forms of expression have primarily been photography, ceramics and painting, but her newfound passion is metal sculpture. Angela has studied jewelry with Seth Papac, an internationally known contemporary jeweler, and ceramic sculpture under Jeff Irwin and Joanne Hayakawa. Growing up in the desert, Angela has always had a love of nature and the amazing variety of form and delicate textures of flora and fauna. Living near the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Angela was fascinated by the dark of the cave, and the transition between night and day – the otherworldly places of the secret nocturnal creatures. Later, visiting San Diego, she became intrigued by the bizarre shapes of the alien creatures living at the bottom of the sea. She began her career with a strong interest in Wildlife Science and Marine Biology, but soon discovered that she would prefer to represent the creatures artistically rather than poke and prod them in the name of Science. After moving to San Diego permanently, Angela developed an interest in costuming and prop design where she began to include the intricate texture and movement of the creatures to her work. 

Jeremy Nuttall was born and raised in Poway, California, but currently lives in San Diego, California. He graduated from San Diego State University with honors receiving a BA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. 

Jeremy is a 2013 Niche Awards student finalist in the sculptural metal category.  The artist has shown his work nationally in Texas, Philadelphia, and California.   

Untitled Species 1


This copper vessel is a piece from my recent series of form study. The challenge I set for myself is to create a form that is simple in the abstract sense while complicated in terms of physical creation. To create these organic hollow forms from multiple parts, I experiment with layout by CAD program, various metalsmithing techniques and welding.

Biography: Dukno Yoon is an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University and has taught at several universities in Korea. He received his MFA at Miami University in Ohio and his BFA at Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea. Yoon explores movements and mechanical structure as form to create small scale kinetic sculptures and wearable form and also combines traditional metalsmithing techniques with contemporary technology. He has actively exhibited his work in Korea, Japan, Australia and the U.S. He also has received several international awards and federal grants in Korea and has been featured and included in numerous publications.

Drawn Out Vessel 

Wendy Edsall- Kerwin

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