Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beautiful and Original Ceramics


I  began working with clay about twenty six years ago. I experimented with different types of clay, but when I came across Porcelain and I fell in love. I like to combine Porcelain with other clays and materials

My mother tongue is Spanish, in this language clay has feminine gender. I see Porcelain as a very difficult, strong minded, temperamental and unforgiving woman; she keeps me on my toes.

I recognize and respect the limits of my control over clay, it always has the final word over the product of my inspiration and its beauty. At the end, I have to humble myself and accept the surprises it gives me.

I go through periods of inspiration, during which I can't stop working; they are like feeding frenzies, burst of energy that leave me exhausted and empty. After these periods, I stop working and collect myself while waiting for the next jolt of productivity.

To me clay is one of the voices of Mother Earth, I'm privilege in being allowed to express my thoughts and feelings though it. For this reason, I pay special attention to the quality of my work; I owe my work this much respect

Why I do what I do? Because, I need to. If I stop, it's like I stop breathing; I suffocate..... So I must go on with my work.





Adriana De Palma

Diatom Bicho




I believe that to be true to my artistic soul, I must be willing to allow the currents of creativity to guide me and that is how this piece, "Heart & Soul", came to be. This sculpture combines the free flow of the abstract with a sense of place for the heart and soul.  As this piece developed it became a vessel for the Heart and Soul.  The spaces are open so that they may be filled, re-filled or overflow with that ever elusive spirit that is our heart and our soul.
Born in the Pacific NW and widely traveled, Boardman’s works have been displayed in galleries, exhibitions and juried shows across the country including “'Thinking Abstractly” at RedTree Caf√© Juried Show  2013; Evendale Juried Fine Art Competition  2013; 120th Annual Juried Women's Art Club Show  2013  (Award winning entry);  Cincinnati Museum Center's Pompeii Juried Art Show; Golden Ticket Clifton Cultural Arts Center Juried Show; Music & Dance Juried Art on the Levee; Secret Art Works- ArtWorks Juried Fundraiser Event; Evendale Juried Fine Art Competition  2012;  119th Annual Juried Women's Art Club Show; and Cold Hands/Warm Hearts Kennedy Arts Center Juried Winter Show. Her work is currently in galleries in Louisville and Bellevue .

Heart and Soul

Nicolin Haines


Enthralled in Relief by Nicolin Haines


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